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Floods caused by Typhoon Doksuri affect China's grain production.

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Source and photo: Noticias Agricolas

Chinese sources report that the floods will impact world prices, but the extent of the damage can only be calculated after the floodwaters subside.

The impacts and damage caused mainly affect the production of rice and corn, which are located in the north and northeast of the Chinese territory and the affected regions are considered the low areas, where there is a large volume of corn plantation.

China has high rice stocks and some experts believe that this crop will not suffer as much, whereas corn, previous estimates calculate high losses, around 2% of total Chinese production.

China, due to the climate consequences of recent years, already has extremely low corn stocks and, as a result, imports of the cereal should reach approximately 18 million tons this year, according to information from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and China's internal sources report that cereal imports could reach 23 million tons this year. In 2022, corn imports amounted to approximately 18 million tons.

The risks brought by the climatic consequences, now with a super typhoon in China, previously above average heat in the United States, will potentially be inflation and food shortages around the world, with some countries already suffering, in addition to climate variations, consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine, which affect countries in Asia and the African continent.

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