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Rio Grande Agrícola S.A certified to export food to China

Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil - 20230829

Exporter certificate for China via AQSIQ
GACC - China - Mandatory certification for food exporters

Link to consult:

At this time, RGA is authorized to export the following two products to China: soybeans, corn, soybean meal and sugar.

Differences between one product and another: basic and manufactured products:

In addition to exporter registration, GACC is requiring manufacturers to be approved as well, so it is necessary to comply with a list of requirements under GACC regulations number 248 and 249. As commodities in general, especially large ones, it is not necessary to make a regularity. health, but for industries the pre-requisites increase the complexity of the cadastre, therefore, before initiating any registration procedure it is necessary to meet the requirements of the regulations and, by product. We recommend the following reading:

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